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Vertical Horison Medal Project


Our medal designs focus on being kind to the environment and kind to our community.  Our medals are sometimes not “medals” in the true sense of the word, as it incorporates recycled material, rocks, old pieces of wire or whatever we can design that can also be handmade with unskilled labor.  We embark on quite a process to design, obtain material, train unskilled labor and eventually putting together something that reflects our values and commitments. 

Vertical Horison paperless registration and advertising

VH has been able to take 95% of their entries through electronic payment points, meaning less tree's are being cut down, and we do not print flyers at all, rather focus on social media and newsletters.

Vertical Horison permanent route markers and sweepers

As event organisers we are constantly striving to respect the environment and respect the land owners. Participants will see the following unique practices when taking part in our events:

  •  Neat route markers that are used over and over again, no cable ties, not bunting, no sticky tape.  Routes are marked the day before and usually cleaned up the next day.
  • Cups at water points, no sachets to litter the environment.
  • No cutting trees to print thousands of entry forms, we aim to have 100% electronic registration, but we do respect those not so electronically inclined and will give out forms only on request. We hope to eliminate all forms of paper entry.
  • If you stay long enough after the prize givingyou will see that we hand the venue back, normally cleaner than we got it.

·        We have personally built many kilometres of track with the aim to assist land owners to attract paying customers, therefore increasing the budget to conserve land. 

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